Established in December 2012, the Foundation aims to enhance the perception of death and bereavement among the public, especially among younger Singaporeans through public education, heritage and charity. A thought leader in the funeral profession with a focus on innovation and radical philanthropy, it is possibly the first such institution in Singapore that incorporates educational projects with research to foster greater awareness towards death and the funeral profession. A key goal of the Foundation is the changing of public mindsets, address present misperceptions and stereotypes towards the issue of dying, death and funerals in Singapore through facilitating and encouraging end-of-life conversations. In turn, this would lead to a wider recognition of the funeral profession as an essential public service and a receptacle of cultural capital in a cosmopolitan city state. More importantly, the Foundation seeks to be the catalyst to improve the death-literacy of Singaporeans through active public outreaches, and in so doing enhances Singaporeans’ attitudes towards their own mortality, uplift the standards of the funeral and bereavement sector and expand the funeral profession’s capacity to meaningfully contribute back to the larger society.