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Established in 2008, the Art Therapists’ Association Singapore focuses on promoting the profession of art therapy and supporting art therapist practitioners in Singapore.
The association is managed by its members for its members with the intention of promoting and supporting the development of art therapy in Singapore. This is carried out through monitoring and regulating art therapist’s ethical standards of practice, education and networking. In addition, regular board meetings are held to ensure the organization stays up to date with the current developments across the mental health landscape.
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The Association for Music Therapy (Singapore) (AMTS) was formed in September 2007 to raise the awareness of music therapy as a professional and research-based allied health discipline in the community. AMTS strives to promote accessible and affordable music therapy services in Singapore.

Music therapy is the scientific use of music interventions within a therapeutic relationship towards observable or measurable functional, educational, rehabilitative or well-being outcomes by a credentialed professional.

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Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) is a non-profit organisation with a mission to improve the quality of life of children with cancer and their families and children impacted by cancer through enhancing their emotional, social and medical well-being.

Founded in 1992, CCF provides children with cancer and their families the much needed support in their battle against the life threatening illness.

Over the years, CCF has helped more than 2800 children and their families at different stages of the illness. Armed with the vision of providing leading resources and psychosocial services to children and their families impacted by childhood cancer, CCF employs professional caseworkers and counsellors, and adopts an integrated hospital-community-home service model to offer a spectrum of critical services to our beneficiaries.

• In the Hospitals – CCF helps children who are newly diagnosed with cancer and undergoing active treatment with their hospital experience. We offer emotional, financial and social support, with a focus on therapeutic play and psychotherapy for the children and support activities for their caregivers. Our caseworkers and counsellors are sited in KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) and the National University Hospital (NUH) to work alongside our medical partners in the paediatric oncology wards.

• In the Community – With more children surviving childhood cancer, CCF Community Social Work Team provides continual care to help enhance the quality of life for survivors. We help children return to school and support siblings of children with cancer. In collaboration with corporate partners, we offer social and recreational activities for the children and their families. We continue to monitor and support survivors who may have to cope with long term side effects due to the treatment of cancer. The support of community partners are actively sought to provide continuing care to our beneficiaries.

• In the Homes of the Children – When a child is at the end stage of his/her life, it is a tremendously challenging time for the dying child and the family members. Palliative and bereavement support are critical services provided by CCF professionals to improve the quality of life of the affected families.

Services offered to children with cancer and their families
 Casework and Counselling
 Therapeutic Play
 Art Therapy
 Play Therapy
 Expressive Arts Therapy
 Child Life Service
 Caregivers Support Services
 Hospital Play Services
 Survivorship Programme
 Schooling Programme
 Place for Academic Learning and Support (PALS)
 Tuition and Befriending
 Psychosocial and Recreational Activities
 Financial Assistance
 Palliative and Bereavement Service
 Very Important Brothers and Sisters (VIBS) Programme
 Children Impacted by Cancer Programme.

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