Conference (Tentative Programme)


Day 1: 31 October 2018, Wednesday

0830 – 1030 Opening Keynote: Why We Need Grief Care and How to Do It

  • Prof Carl Becker
1100 – 1230 Plenary 1 

Theme: Facing Our Own Deaths and Preparing Others

  1. How Advance Care Planning Contributes to Grief and Bereavement Outcomes
    • Prof Pang Weng Sun
  2. Dying as a Relational Experience
    • Mrs Juliana Toh
  3. Dying as a Spiritual Experience
    • Sr Geraldine Tan
1330 – 1515 Breakout SessionsEngaging Our Heads, Hearts and Hands (I)
Track 1A

Facing Our Death Creatively

  • Ms Ng Wang Feng
  • Ms Yang Shu Ting


Track 3A

The Whole | Hole

  • Ms Jeanette Chan
Track 1B

Use of Legacy Building in Grief Work

1. Legacy Building with Patients in an Acute Hospital Palliative Care Ward

  • Ms Candice Tan

2. Legacy Building with Patients and Their Families in a Hospice

  • Ms Gillian Ong

3. Legacy Building with Bereaved Family Members in the Community

  • Ms Ng San San
  • Ms Vivien Ee
Track 1C

Last Office? What’s Next?

1. After the Last Breath: The Final Offerings of the Healthcare Team

  • Mr Andy Sim

2. The Profession of Providing Meaningful Funerals

  • Mr Ang Ziqian

3. Turning Grief into Gift of Life: The Untold Struggles

  • Ms Sally Kong
1545 – 1730 Breakout Sessions: Engaging Our Heads, Hearts and Hands (II)
Track 2A

Conversations with Grief
(previously named ‘My Friend, Grief’)

  • Mr Lance Ng


Track 3A

The Whole | Hole

  • Ms Jeanette Chan
Track 2B

Partners on the Grief Journey

1. The Collaboration between an Art Therapist and a Social Worker to Support Grieving Youths

  • Ms Yenn Ang

2. Support during Critical Times – Inter-Professional Partnership               

  • Ms Melanie Kwan

3. Continuity in Care – Inter-Agency Partnership

  • Ms Peh Cheng Wan
Track 2C

Supporting Staff and Other Patients Affected by a Death: A Case Study

Panel Discussion with a Psychiatrist, a Social Worker and an Art Therapist

  • Ms Jacinta Phoon
  • Ms Ling Choon Lian
  • Dr Lim Wen Phei


Day 2: 1 November 2018, Thursday 

0830 – 0900  Memorial

  • supported by Dover Park Hospice
0900 – 1100 Plenary 2

Theme: From Caregivers to Bereaved Individuals – Issues & Responses

  1. Bereaved Parents: When a Parent Loses a Child
    • Ms Ng Hwee Chin
  2. Bereaved Spouse: When the Better Half Is No More
    • Dr Lee Geok Ling
  3. Bereaved Seniors: The Rocky Road Ahead
    • Ms Wang Jing
  4. The Disenfranchised Caregivers
    • Dr Ivan Woo
1130 – 1300 Breakout Sessions: Engaging Our Heads, Hands and Hearts (III)

Track 1A

Facing Our Death Creatively

  • Ms Ng Wang Feng
  • Ms Yang Shu Ting


Track 2A

Conversations with Grief
(previously named ‘My Friend, Grief’)

  • Mr Lance Ng

Track 3B

Use of Groups for Grief Support

1. The Use of Professionally Led Group: National Cancer Centre Singapore’s Experience

  • Dr Gilbert Fan

2. The Nuts and Bolts of Organizing a Secular Memorial: A Hospice’s Experience

  • Ms Cheong Ee May

3. The Power of Self Help Group: Wicare’s Experience

  • Mdm Joyce Lye

Track 3C

Unspeakable Grief

1. Bereaved Mothers-to-be: Who am I?

  • Mrs Sylvia Mun 

2. And When No Hope Was Left in Sight…

  • Ms Christine Wong

3. Death through HIV: The Aftermath           

  • Ms Lin Jingyi
1400 – 1530 Plenary 3 

Theme: Building A Community of Support – Local & Regional Experiences

  1. Japan’s Struggle to Enfranchise Grief Care 
    • Prof Carl Becker
  2. Supporting the Grieving and Bereaved: The Experience of the Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care (SPHC), Hong Kong
    • Ms Connie Chu
  3. Work in Progress: Singapore’s Efforts in Promoting a Community Model for Adaptive Grief
    • Ms Chee Wai Yee
1600 – 1730 Closing Keynote: The Experience of UK and Cruse Bereavement Centre in Working with Different Voices

  •  Mrs Debbie Kerslake

Please note: This conference is designed to engage the heart, hands, and head of the participants to encourage care providers to look at grief and bereavement in a holistic manner. All participants should select a breakout session from each track, namely one from Track A (Heart), one from Track B (Hands), and one from Track C (Head).