About the Conference Logo


The conference logo embodies the three components of bereavement care – knowledge of care, passion for grief and bereavement work and skills to support the bereaved. The crown of heart-shaped leaves represents the growing community of stakeholders committed to support the grieving and bereaved. A pair of hands symbolises the skills necessary for the work. Together, the components form a tree to signify continuous growth in knowledge and practice. The warm colours denote the vibrancy of this community.

Just as each butterfly undergoes a process of transformation, we believe that each bereaved individual’s grieving process presents opportunities for growth and adaptation amidst trying times. The butterfly, in some cultures, also symbolises the enduring connection with the departed.

It is our hope, through the Grief and Bereavement Conference, to provide a platform for stakeholders and service providers for grief, bereavement and death-related services to share, learn and collectively respond to the needs of the grieving and bereaved – to facilitate the transformation of every butterfly.

The conference logo was designed and contributed by Ms Rachel Yang of Daylight Creative Therapies.